I acknowledge that I have read and fully agree with the terms and conditions of Junoon trekking and Holidays. I am solely responsible for any injury or accident (minor/fatal) taken place during the camp. JUNOON TREKKING & HOLIDAYS is not responsible for any such cases/incidence/accidents taken place in the below-mentioned subject. I also understand the risk from wild animals and the dangerous state of water bodies near the campsite.

About Us

Junoon Trekking & Holidays is one of the best organizations in Gujarat. We have been serving Adventure camps and leisure Tours in many places in India. Junoon Trekking & Holidays is a youth organization working from 2015 and providing its best services to the people and we have successfully served 4000+ clients every year.

Participant Rules & Regulation

Being a Tour & trek operator we expect a high level of discipline.

All the participants have to follow the Trip rules, timings, and code of conduct during the time of the Trip and travel.
Punctuality must be taken as a serious matter. Participants will have to follow the instructions given by the volunteer/guide/instructor, Misbehave/Arguing with the volunteers/guide/instructors will be considered as disciplinary issues.

In case of violation of disciplinary rules, Junoon Trekking & Holidays has all the rights to rusticate a participant or terminate the participation. In such cases of disciplinary violation or the participants wishing to leave the camp willingly, the Firm will not be held responsible for any further services, return tickets, refunds, etc. Also, Junoon Trekking & Holidays is not responsible for your further actions, safety, or any other actions that can affect the locality and jurisdiction.

Junoon Trekking & Holidays will not be responsible for any type of internal disputes/quarrels among participants.

Prohibition & Restrictions

Smoking, Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs & Abusive Language are strictly prohibited and if anyone is found to be the suspect in such cases, the participation will be terminated and no further services, return tickets, refunds, etc. will be offered.

Booking & Payments

Payments are accepted through the online website registration portal ( ) or by cash at registered offices listed on the website.

Junoon Trekking & Holidays does not accept any kind of payment through any 3rd party portals, agents, booking offices, mobile applications, etc.

In case of any issues, Junoon Trekking will not provide a refund to participants who have reserved a land package and are subsequently traveling by flight, train, or any other mode of transportation.

For booking Local Camps & other National tours, you must pay half payment in Advance, for National Camps you can register yourself with just 30% Advance. Please note that this payment will be non Refundable.

The enquiry and registration helpings would be active between 10 AM to 7 PM for all the days excluding the public holidays on +91 8238545571 / +91 9574702714.

However, the information available on the website would be considered final in case of any miscommunication or misinterpretation over the helplines.

In case of any disputes, you can raise a complaint by sending a mail at

Change Of Schedule

In case of any unforeseen circumstances, the schedule could be changed/modified. In such cases, the expenditure of extra accommodation facilities, new transport arrangements and other commodities will have to be borne by the participants themselves. No such responsibility would be on part of Junoon trekking & Holidays.

No refunds would be made or entertained if the organization cancels or modifies any programme due to an act of God or any unavoidable circumstances.

Once a booking is made, changes to the hotel or vehicle are depending on availability. If you would want to upgrade, additional fees will apply, and there won’t be a refund if the setting doesn’t meet your preferences.

If a trek is called off at the last moment due to a natural calamity/unforeseen circumstance (like Massive Rains, earthquake, landslides, strike, lockdowns, curfews) no amount will be refunded. According to the situation, there will be some alternatives provided.


Transportation is managed as per head seat availability. The firm will help to adjust; However, we don’t offer any kind of seating preferences or special services. In some local Trips we provide a seat number after booking.
Train tickets are booked subject to availability. Junoon Trekking & Holidays does not possess a right to change the status for waiting or RAC tickets. However, pre mention of the status will be conveyed to participants while booking tickets.

If you opt for a personal vehicle during group departure and if a person cancels then we will join you with the other groups.

No AC vehicles are provided during the camp or tour

In case of unforeseen circumstances such as getting stuck at a place due to natural calamity, unable to board the transport vehicle on schedule, etc.; the expenditure of extra accommodation facilities, new transport arrangements, etc. will have to be borne by the participants themselves. No such responsibility would be on part of Junoon Trekking & Holidays

Accommodation & Food

Accommodation & Sanitary Facilities for Girls & Boys are separate.

Whether it’s a tour or a camp, inside or outside of Gujarat, the hotel’s meal selection is final, and no adjustments or arrangements will be made if a guest has dietary preferences. Junoon Trekking is not responsible for any food-related complaints.

Jain and Swaminarayan food will be available at the campsite/ Hotels. Non-Veg food is not allowed at the campsite.
For Hotel Stay trips we provide food from hotels & in camps we serve Gujarati food. In Uttarakhand region camps, local food will be served by the Firm.

Junoon Trekking & Holidays has a pre-decided food menu depending upon the camp hygiene and health. No choices, preferences, or demands from the participants will be entertained. Junoon trekking & Holiday is not responsible for any health-related issue during the trip, in case the participant skips the food.

Before check-in/check-out, the participant is requested to check his/her room/tents. If any items are found to be damaged/lost/stolen from their room/tents, he/she will be held solely responsible for it and needs to bear the expenditure for the same.

Before boarding the vehicle, the participant needs to check their vehicle seats/windows. In case of damage, he/she must inform the respective volunteer/instructor. If not informed and found damaged the participant needs to pay the repairing cost for the same.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation would be granted by the Senior Registration Manager or Higher Authorities on receiving cancellation requests through the email on The cancellation Amount will be counted on total camp fees only.

If a Camp is called off at the last moment due to a natural calamity/unforeseen circumstance (like massive rain, earthquakes, landslides, strike, bandh, will transfer your amount in future for the same trip or reschedule it. If the trip is Canceled by Junoon Trekking & Holidays for personal reasons, we will issue a full Refund.

In case of refund, transaction charges are not refundable by banks/payment gateways.

The refund amount will be paid in 7 to 12 working days directly into the bank account.

The cancellation charges For Local Camp/ trip:
Advance Payment/ token payment will be non-Refundable.
Cancellations before 35 days from the start of the journey – Full Refund.
Cancellation between 35 days and 25 days to start of the journey – 75% Refund.
Cancellation between 25 days and 15 days to start of the journey – 50% Refund.
Cancellation less than 15 days to the start of the journey – No Refund.

The cancellation charges For National Camp / Tour:
Advance Payment/ token payment will be non-Refundable.
Cancellations before 90 days from the start of the journey – Full Refund.
Cancellation between 89 days and 48 days to start of the journey – 50% Refund.
Cancellation less than 47 days to the start of the journey – No Refund.

In case of refund, transaction charges are not refundable by banks/payment gateways.

The refund amount will be paid in 7 to 12 working days directly into the bank account.


In case of any Emergency Reason situation, we are offering an option of Reschedule your Camp (Only in Local camp) in the next 6 months, only for
Academic Curriculum (Sudden Change in Exam Schedule)
Medical Emergency (Any Serious Injury)
Rescheduling is possible only before 5 days of the camp departure, In the last 5 days of departure rescheduling is not provided.

For this, you have to submit valid proof for the same including a Call letter from the University & College ID Proof in case of exams and Medical Certificate with all the respective reports from the Hospitals (Signed by MBBS post or higher authorities) in case of medical emergencies.

Excluding the above-mentioned reasons, the rescheduling option is not available.

Also, participants will have to pay the cancellation charges for travel arrangements.

This option is given only to those who have valid proof available, other participants have to continue their Camp as per schedule.

The rescheduling options are offered only to those who would be facing the emergency other friends or colleagues of that camp have to continue as per their schedule.

Rescheduling is given only 1 time, for the Second time Rescheduling & Cancellation option is not available.

Privacy Policy:

When you book a tour on our website, we require contact information, such as your name and email address and, in some cases, partial or full postal address or telephone number. This information is only used to contact you with information about your tour. In rare cases, we may need to share your contact information with tour guides who are responsible for the booked tour. Otherwise, we do not sell or share this information with any third parties.

At the time of booking, we also ask you for payment information such as credit card number or bank transfer details. We use the advanced level of online security to safeguard your personal data.

After completing your registration, a WhatsApp link would be shared either through message or online portal. By joining the group, you agree that your personal details like mobile number, profile photo, and name are shared with other participants. Junoon trekking is not responsible for any future disputes with fellow participants.

All Rights Reserved

No content on our website may be used or reproduced for any commercial purposes. JUNOON TREKKING, reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time.


Junoon Trekking & Holidays provides basic First Aid Facilities for all the camps and treks.
In the case of a Medical Emergency, Junoon trekking & Holidays will try to contact the emergency contact number provided by the participant.
In case the emergency contact person will not respond in time, Junoon Trekking & Holidays will act as per the instructions given by the senior-most person available at the camp.
The team tries to get the best medical facilities at the earliest, however, the cost of such medical treatment, transport, etc. would be accepted by the participants.
Any medical expenses for minor/major injury/sickness during the camp would not be accepted by Junoon Trekking & Holidays. Only an immediate first–aid facility shall be provided.
Participants will be provided with the facility of emergency health service in case no emergency family contact provided by the participant is available, but the expense shall not be borne by the Junoon trekking & Holidays.


Participants would not be allowed to share any photos or videos throughout the event for commercial use without prior permission of the organization.
The organization has the right to feature your photos for promotional events and no claim shall be entertained.

Responsibilities Of Luggage

Participants are solely responsible for his/her damage/missing luggage. Checking the luggage before and after loading and unloading shall be done on the end of the respective participant
If Junoon trekking finds any item during the event, that would be registered under store stuff but claiming for the same will require appropriate proof.

Adventure Activities & Trekking

Participants have to carry their luggage during the trek. Junoon Trekking & Holidays does not offer the facility of mules or porters or any carriers. If in case the participant is willing to hire any carrier, they are solely responsible for bearing the charges.
Trainee agrees that they wants to participate in the Training Camp and Adventure Activities with proper medical advice and on his own will and at risk. They are solely responsible for any injury or accident (minor/fatal) that took place during the camp. Junoon trekking & Holidays is not responsible for any such cases/incidence/accidents taken place in the above-mentioned subject. They also understand the risk of wild animals and the dangerous state of water bodies nearby.
Trekking needs basic physical fitness to sustain itself throughout the trek. Instructor/guide has the right to terminate his/her summit in case they suspect any unfit participant.
During the trek, participants should follow the rules and techniques of the trek and follow the principles of mountaineering.
Trek routes are best decided by Junoon trekking & Holidays , these must not be the shortcuts but these will be the most suitable ones. No participant is allowed to change the route of the trek to avail of shortcuts. No hurry to run ahead of the instructor shall be entertained.
All the participants below 18 years have to submit a consent form signed by their guardian/parents.


If during the trek, the instructor feels unsafe to carry the participant for the further trek, the instructor has the right to take the real-time action needed and can send the participant back for which no refund/return service shall be provided.

Following your final reservation, you will receive this link. Please read the terms and conditions carefully, and if there are any issues, contact the organization right away. If not, we won’t be held accountable for the situation down the road.

If there are any complaints, it will take time to resolve them. Your repeated calls may cause more delays than anticipated, for which Junoon Trekking shall not be held accountable.