Top 5 Adventure Activities in Manali

Mountain Biking Expedition

You can take a mountain biking expedition from Kullu Manali to Leh. This will give you the high-altitude mountain road experience. When you reach Leh, you are on the highest laid roads of this world. You will get majestic views of the great Himalayas. You can travel in a single or doubles and enjoy the snowcapped mountains, lakes, creeks, valleys and passes, Buddhists monasteries, and mountain deserts in-between your ride. The best time to take this expedition is from June to September.

Skiing in Solang Valley

The piste area of Solang is 8000-ft above the mean sea level in Solang Valley; HP. Anyone can do skiing from December to March on this piste. The skiing pistes in this location are the best for beginners in skiing and for the skiing professionals to do practice in the winter season. You can see international snow sporting activities taking place this winter season. You will get all skiing gear on rental from this location.

River Rafting in Kullu Manali

The Pirdi to Jhiri is a famous place for white river rafting in Manali. You will enjoy a 14-km stretch of rafting on the Beas River. It is advisable to come in a group. Otherwise, you have to mingle with other groups. The summer season (April to July) is the best time to come for river rafting on the Kullu Manali tour.

Paragliding in Kullu Manali

The Fatru, Solang Valley, Dobhi, Bijli Mahadev, and Marhi are the places to take paragliding adventure activity once in the Kullu Manali tour. The Himachal tourism has permitted many professional paragliders to do this assisted paragliding for the tourists. March to July is the best time to do this adventure activity. It is advisable to book your paragliding in advance in the peak season.

Trekking in Kullu Manali

The popular places for mountain trekking in Kullu Manali are Bhrigu Lake, Hampta pass, Beas Kund, Chanderkhani, Jogni falls, Bijli Mahadev. This will give you a wild experience while trekking through the pine forest. You can view the snowcapped mountains of the Himalayas. The summer season is the best for mountain trekking. Even though you can find some snow if you are lucky.

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